Our Processes

We are a process centric organization, constantly striving to set new benchmarks in customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

In order to achieve a consistent standard of quality, we look not just at what we do, but how we do it as well. All our processes are measured for flexibility, simplicity and predictability. Our goal for the next few years is to establish an infrastructure that institutionalizes effective software engineering and project management across the organization.

At Green Apple have 4 Process Teams working for our customers. (Green Apple PLUS)

  • Customer Acquisition and Retention Team (CARE)
  • Customer Fulfillment team
  • Client Engagement Team
  • Customer Care team

Customer Acquisition and Retention Team (CARE) is responsible for understanding customer needs and looking for products and partnerships that help our customers get better value solutions to their problems. CARE understands that ultimately, it is our customers' business success and not just the project completion that should define the end point of our efforts.

Customer Acquisition and Retention (CARE) Team

Input: Business Goals
Product: Lifetime value of client, comprehensiveness of feature list, value of the deal.
Process: Time taken from business goal to first

Customer Fulfillment team is the operational team or the design and development teams that work on all client projects. We believe that the key to lower Total Cost of Ownership lies in good application design and development. Use of accepted modeling standards; iterative-driven development and coding standards go a long way in making scalable, robust and error free software. Once the project requirements are established, a detail feature list is created and handed over to the customer fulfillment team who then works on giving an estimate regarding timely input


Our Client Engagement Team

Our clients contact us through email or the form on our websites. The client engagement team responds to all client enquiries within 12 hours of receiving them. We place a high premium on understanding the client's business model and work at offering a range of solutions that the client can select from. In some cases, we even define the business model for the customer. Repeated communication with the client ensures that project requirements are captured and defined to the T even before an estimate is offered.

Customer Care team

We understand that as Product developers, we are in the best position to help manage and enhance product in a world where the only things that aren't changing are probably already dead.

We follow established processes within all these teams and they are described here in brief:




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