ESIPL's endeavor is to provide the solutions that focus on generating maximum business for its clients. With its continuous efforts to provide you best business promotion tools, this time we bring a complete online payments solution, for your business enhancement.

ESIPL's HAND SHAKERS comes up with the platform that is one of the most secured platforms in the world that enables you to receive online payments by all the major credit cards and through ebanking from all the major Banks

Service Features

Since its inception, ESIPL's HAND SHAKERS is committed to provide leading edge technology and high quality end to end ecommerce solutions to make secure online transactions. All our efforts are centered towards offering all possible benefits to our eMerhcants. We serve you with following features:

  1. ESIPL's HAND SHAKERS offers flexible way to manage multiple currencies, exchange schedules and currency fluctuations.

  2. We at ABCPayments have built up expertise in offering wing-to-wing technical & customer service solutions. This includes providing services for simple customer service to detailed product information.

  3. We do not charge any kind of hidden cost other than our regular listed prices for online payment acceptence.

  4. ESIPL's HAND SHAKERS has been approved as a Super/ Master Merchant by CITI Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Bank of Punjab, UTI Bank and has already integrated all the major payment gateway service providers in India. It allows you to integrate your website with it to accept payment from your customers who use the following credit card brands.

  5. Our payment processing system allow the merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card or electronic check transactions anytime, anywhere.

  6. ESIPL's HAND SHAKERS adopts stringent security measures to ensure that any sensitive information, such as your customer's personal information and their credit card details are protected. MORE...

  7. Our electronic payment processing system is compatible with all the server configurations, operating systems and scripting languages.

  8. We release payments on weekly basis for all the accepted orders. However, you could also choose payment cycle from 7 days to 15 days or monthly if your business volume is low. MORE...

We are offering the following two schemes for you to choose from, as per your business model:-

Type of Scheme

Set Up fees
[One time, Non Refundable]

(Credit Cards)

Annual Software Maintenance Cost
(Payable April , Every Year OR Pro Rata Thereof)

Premium Scheme Transecute

Rs. 30,000/-


Rs. 2,400/-

Economy Scheme

Rs. 7,500/-


Rs. 1,200/-

* TDR = Transaction Rate


You have 12 days from the receipt of the orders to execute and capture the order amounts. If your business model demands that you capture the amount in advance for future delivery i.e. a period beyond 12 days from receipt of the order, and your customer is explicitly agreeable to this, then you may do so before the 12th day. Orders not captured will not be reflected in your account after this.
Orders can be accessed by logging into your ESIPL's HAND SHAKERS Account with the username and password registered on sign-up.
All orders shipped/executed until Thursday midnight IST are processed for payment the following day. Transactions are then paid-out to your designated bank account by depositing cheques in Mumbai to your bank account(if your bank permits it) or by sending you a Citibank at par cheque, encashable in your city, by courier to reach you no later than the next Monday or Tuesday.

Modes of payment to choose from :

a)Sub-Merchants holding an account with the following banks can opt for direct credit to their accounts with any branch in the country by requesting us to deposit a Mumbai cheque:- HDFC Bank Limited, ICICI Bank Limited , UTI Bank Limited, Citibank, Standard Chartered ANZ Grindlays, Global Trust Bank, Centurion Bank, ABN Amro Bank, IDBI Bank and any other bank which allows us to deposit cheques to your current /personal account directly from Mumbai.


b) Citibank at par cheque payable as a local cheque in your city dispatched on Friday evening by courier.

Minimum Balance Requirement:

On commencement of the account ESIPL's HAND SHAKERS will retain the first Rs 1000/- as a minimum balance requirement for keeping your account in live mode, in the same way as a bank account operates. Subsequently all and any amount over this will automatically get paid out.

Features :

  • Set Up fee is a one time fee only.
  • Facility to upgrade from economy scheme to premium scheme by paying the difference in set up fees. No changes to be made at your end.
  • Shopping Cart and other services available to both schemes.
  • Both Schemes to have access to complete online Sub Merchant Account Management , with a central reporting facility on every transaction. This includes reports on sales, credits, voids O to support non-repudiation, balancing, portal settlement reporting, processor settlement reporting and other back office functions.
  • Visibility into transaction level information is protected by passwords.

Business Assurance & Penalty (optional):

Sub Merchant may also opt for Monthly Business Commitment plans for lower financial rates but ESIPL's HAND SHAKERS would charge a fixed per month penalty for all those months where monthly business commitment is not met.

Minimum Payment Amount:

Any amount below Rs.2000 will be carried forward to the next payment cycle.

Modes Of Payment:

Sub-Merchants would be issued the cheques for the payable amounts or would be transferred to his given bank account directly.

Necessary Documents for opening payment gateway account

For Merchant Approval

Company Legal Status & Years of Existence Proof

Company Registration ProoforMOAorAuthorisation letter from CA

Business Entity Establishment Proof

Latest Electricity Bill in Company Name or Latest Telephone Bill in Company Name

Company Operations & Turn Over Proof

PAN Number with Copy of last IT return or Balance Sheet/ PL Statement

For Cheque Deposit or Money Transfer

Current Bank A/c Proof In Company Name

Bank Statement or Authorisation letter from Bank

For Website Integration

Domain name proof (print from registrar)

For export order processing

IEC Code Or Export Council Membership

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