For anyone to set up a website, the first step is domain registration. Everyone these days is registering a domain name for present or future needs. And we can register your favourite domain name at a price to die for. So, check out for the list of available domain names lest you miss out on your desired domain name.

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.com, .net, .org, .biz,, .us
New Registration(Common Extension) INR 495,,,,,
New Registration(India Special) INR 410
New Registration INR 750
New Registration INR 200
New Registration(Institutional Certificate required) INR 570
.ws, .cc .bz, .nu
New Registration(International) INR 1750
.jp, .co, .uk
New Registration(overseas) as per network solution
sub domain
On Domain Registration INR 300
After Domain Registration INR 800 per sub domain for one time setting+ INR.300 sub domain
*Per year
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