Just publishing your Web site on the Internet is not enough for generating the attention it deserves.
On this page we list truly FREE services, software and tutorials which can help you increase your Website's traffic. Such as: free search engine submission tools, free mailing list services, free banner exchange and creation services, free online marketing resources, and more.


Free Website Submission Services

Search Engine submit services are here to make your life easier, they allow you to automate the Website submission process. Very often you just have to fill in one form, press one button and your site is automatically submitted to a multiple search engines without any further efforts.

Submits your site to 21 major search engines

Submits your Website to the top 14 search engines and directory for free.

Free search engine submission service, fully automated submission process.

Submits your web page to nearly 300,000 search engines and pages. In return you need to place their banner on your page.

Submits your URL to 20+ search engines for free. For $ 24.95 your site will be submitted to 75 000 sites.
Also: free meta tags analyzer, meta tags generator, link popularity check, keyword suggestion tool.

Free Search Engine Tools

Free programs to promote your site and analyze your its popularity with the search engines.

Free URL submission program for Windows. Allows you to easily register a URL to 20 search engines at one time.
Additional features: meta tag generator, submission reports, proxy server support, smart category selection.

Analyzes a piece of text or a Website. Based on its content, it generates a list of keywords for you which you can add to your Website in the meta tags 'keywords' section.

Free Search Engine Simulator. Just type in the URL of your Website, and the simulator returns statistics such as metatags, keyword densities, etc. relevant for how search engines rank your page. Created by Indicium Web Design ( Scotland ).


Free Mailing List Services

A mailing list service allows you to send emails to a relatively large group of people (newsletter), or to have a moderated mailing list (discussion group) where subscribers can post their own messages.
Please note that the people receiving these messages have voluntarily subscribed to your list, and can unsubscribe from it at any time.
This is not to be confused with spamming, which is the act of sending email to large groups of people who never asked for it.

Highly recommended, used by Freebyte! Free mailing list provider. Does not send any advertisements with your messages! Does not pose any limits on the number of mails you are sending, the size of each email, or the number of subscribers to your list.
Limitation: only for Internet and technology related groups. Extremely configurable and powerful, but perhaps less suitable for non-technical and very beginning users.

Allows for free mailing lists of almost any type, moderated or non-moderated. Easily configurable options. Yahoo might append advertisements to your messages.

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