Fast, accurate capturing and conversion of your corporate information

Provides a discrete and managed solution to capture, digitise and convert large volumes of data into a format which is useful, flexible, easy to manage and can help you make important business decisions. In collaboration with out strategic partners, we have several years experience in data entry and conversion solutions. 

Why digitise your data? Unlock the potential of your valuable corporate information.  There is a goldmine of information sitting in your filing cabinets and warehouses going to waste. Realise that value of your vital corporate information by putting it to work in a ways that give your enterprise a real competitive edge.  By converting your company data, whether printed matter, handwritten pages, images or mixed documents into a digital format and then organising that information so it is structured, simple to manage and easy to retrieve, you suddenly have gained a whole range of competitive advantages.

Benefits: Capturing and storing your company documents digitally will save you time and money, dramatically improve efficiency and give you an edge on the competition 

  • Virtually eliminate unnecessary paper from your offices
  • Dramatically reduce expensive document storage costs 
  • No need for specialist paper storage facilities 
  • Make better use of office space 
  • Save thousands of man-hours every year by eliminating labour intensive searching and retrieval of paper documents 
  • Store thousands of documents on a single CD-ROM 
  • Immediate access to all your company files via your PC or LAN 
  • Access your data from anywhere in the world via the Internet 
Green Apple data Services include: 
  • Data Capture and Digital Imaging 
  • Digitisation and Conversion 
  • Forms based data capture 
  • Manual data entry 
  • Full-text data capture 
  • Optical Character Recognition
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