Green Apple is an exciting company that is changing the way business supports their customers, partners and employees. Our people are the key to success and we recognize that teamwork is imperative to delivery. With strong core values as our foundation,
Green Apple works hard, but also plays hard. We offer a challenging, enjoyable, fun place to work - where people have the opportunity to make a difference every day.

Why work for us?

Challenging work

we are shaping a new industry. If you are the type of person who is alive long learner and a change agent and thrives on challenges, then Green Apple is for you.

Amazing perks
free massages, free food, football, ping pong, pinball, and company outings- all this in addition to competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and three weeks of paid time off every year.

Great company culture
At Green Apple , we know how to work hard and play hard. We hire only the best, so you have the chance to learn from peers while imparting your own expertise on others.

Boundless opportunity

we give you the chance to participate in an exciting, newly emerging industry with a company that has innovative technology and product. And we're very committed to fostering our employee's personal growth. Are we for you?

  • Are you a leader in your functional area, or do you want to be one?
  • Are you driven to be the best at everything you do?
  • Do you want a place without bureaucratic boundaries and micro-management?
  • Do you like to wear a lot of different hats?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then check out our current openings and apply today! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity with time farm.

Education and training
Green Apple offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the needs of our customers and partners. These classes include hands-on-training for system administrators, process-centered seminars for support person and detailed technical training for support teams.
  • Customer Service representative training - For customer service representatives, the class is designed to teach the features and components of the Green Apple suite and the roles of the support user, support administrator and customer service representative as they apply to the Green Apple suite.
  • Administrator Training Level<l>  - Designed for product, administrators and engineers, this is a class that provides a working knowledge of how to use our product suite.
  • Administrator Training Level <2> - The goal of this course is to equip product engineers and administrators with the necessary information and skills on how to build and maintain support content quickly and easily with the Green Apple Foundry.
  • Development Specialist Training - This is an experience based class that allows a product to learn, first-hand, all the essentials of a successful architecture design and deployment.
  • Partner Training Program - In addition to the classes listed above, our partners can attend a technical training program specifically designed for them. The curriculum includes a train-the-trainer program, validation of knowledge transfers, sharing of best practices, solutions renewals, deployment certification, necessary training tools and access to ongoing product updates. Green Apple team to help the customer to evaluate the product as demo which gives the customer best possible usage .

How to register Have separate and dedicated classes for partners and custom offered by our technical training experts. These classes are designed to help attendees become experts on our infrastructure software. For customer on-site training, please contact your Green Apple Engagement Manager. To register for one of our upcoming classes, please contact our Education and Training services department: Email:

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