Traditional print & electronic media cannot reach global market, yet web advertisement play vital role on this segment. They strike geographical location as well as product wise clientage. There are lots of great reasons! The Internet (and especially the Web) is the fastest growing advertising segment in the world. That's because Web advertising offers advantages that can't be matched by conventional methods such as television, radio, or print. Advantages like high market segmentation, more accurate statistics, and lower cost. And the biggest advantage is that you get a guarantee that your ad is actually seen by a person. You can't get that guarantee with the old conventional methods.

  • Email Marketing
  • Banner on web
  • Ad's on Yahoo!, rediff, msn
  • Cross Promotion on Green Apple platform.
  • Promotion on various Portels as well as specific industries

Rates on

Discription Charges
Main advertisement INR 3.5 lacs for 10 lacs hits
Pay for clicks INR 34,000 per set for 2000 clicks INR 75,000 per submission for one city
Mail Advertisement INR 1.5 lacs for 10 lacs hits

Note:- Soon we are going to publish the rates of yahoo and google



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